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How to Apply for Social Housing

  • Your first step is to apply with your Local Authority to register for housing in your area(s) of preference.

  • In assessing your application, the Local Authority will consider such factors as household income, your present accommodation (if any) the condition of that accommodation and any special circumstances such as age, disability, medical circumstances etc.

  • If eligible, you will be registered for housing with your Local Authority and you will then be put on their housing waiting list.

  • Once a property suitable to your needs becomes available, your Local Authority may nominate you to Steer Housing Association as a prospective tenant.

  • Steer Housing Association does not have any part in the nomination process this remains solely with your Local Authority.

  • Once we receive your nomination from your Local Authority we will forward you our Housing Pack which will need to be completed, stamped and returned to our office by the date stated on the pack.

  • All information provided to us in your completed Housing Pack will be held in the strictest of confidence.

  • Please note you may however be excluded from consideration for our housing if you provide us with false information or withhold any relevant or required information from the Housing Pack.

  • Once you have returned the Housing Pack and have provisionally accepted the property a member of our Housing Management Team will be in contact with you to arrange a suitable date and time for interview.

  • If we are allocating you the property we will then be in contact to arrange a suitable time and date for allocation where a Tenancy Agreement and other relevant documentation will be completed.

  • On the day of allocation you will be required by Steer Housing Association to pay one month’s rent in advance. This payment will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy provided there are no outstanding arrears on your account

  • If  you do not want to take the property that is available you can refuse it, however if your Local Authority thinks you do not have a good reason for refusing this offer it may lower your priority on the housing waiting list.

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