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Requirements For A Leasing Submission

Before we lease your property we will need to receive certain documentation and other items.

• Proof of ownership (evidence of title i.e. freehold/leasehold).
• Os map of the exact location of the properties (A4 size).
• BER Certs for each unit.
• Plans and specification for the properties (A4 size).
• If the properties are in the ownership of a company full details will be required.
• Planning permission.
• Market rental valuation of units.
• Conformation of technical requirements including fire certs if applicable.
• Conformation / details of Part V.
• Floor area of each unit in m².
• Current Tax Clearance Certificate.
• Parking arrangements.
• Detailed description of the development.
• Postal address(es).
• Three full sets of keys to the property.

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