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Methods of Paying Rent

Rent can be submitted using any of the following methods of payment:


Standing Order: We will provide you with a Standing Order form or you can download a pdf form the icon below, which you then take to your local bank. Tenants are advised to ensure that their Rent Account Number (RT No.) under ‘Payment Account Reference No. (Narrative)’ is filled in and to request the bank to include this reference with every transaction. You must advise us immediately if you wish to cancel or change this agreement.


Electronic Transfer: This is done through using online banking. Tenants are advised to ensure that their Rent Account Number (RT No.)  is filled in on every transaction.


Household Budget:  The service is operated on behalf of the Minister for Social Protection by An Post and it allows tenants who receive certain Social Welfare Payments to pay regular amounts towards STEER Housing Association by direct deduction from their payments. It offers an easy payment option to manage bills.


Please Do Not Post Cash: Steer Housing Association will not accept responsibility for payments lost in the post.

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