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Reporting A Repair

Contact the Head Office on (074) 9177311 or write to the office at Court Manor House, Justice Walsh Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal


Please give the nature of the repair and when access will be available for the repair to be undertaken.


Depending on the nature of the repair an inspection may be required before the repair is undertaken.


How soon will my repair be done?

The Association tries to ensure that all repairs are carried out as quickly as possible. Repairs are categorised as follows:


EMERGENCY                        To be undertaken within 24 hours.

URGENT                                To be undertaken within 96 hours.

CHANGE OF TENANCY      To be completed within 15 working days.

ROUTINE                               To be undertaken within 28 days.



Typical Emergency Repairs


Building Repairs                    Dangerous wall, chimney stack, floors

Plumbing Repairs                  Burst pipes, blocked sewers.

Electrical Repairs                   Failure of cooker circuits, failure of lights.

Room Heater Repairs            Blocked flues/fumes (in winter).


Typical Urgent Repairs


Building Repairs                    Fallen roof slates, security repairs.

Plumbing Repairs                  Lack of hot water, leaking radiators, faulty W.C. cisterns.

Electrical Repairs                   Failure of lighting / socket circuits.

Heating Repairs                     Failure of central heating pumps and boilers.


Typical Routine Repairs


Cleaning or repairing gutters.

Easing doors and windows.

Plasterwork repairs.

Kitchen cupboards and worktops

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