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Responsibility of Steer Housing

External Works

1. Garden paths, walls fences and gates.

2. Washing line frames (but not replacement of washing line cord).

3. Repairs to walls, doors, windows (but not replacement of glass), roofs, chimneys, valleys, gutters, downpipes and house drains.

4. Maintenance of communal landscaped areas.

Structural Repairs

1. Walls (but not internal plaster cracks), staircases and structural timbers.

2. Walls and floor tiling.

3. Architraves, skirting boards, windows, sills and other internal woodwork.

4. Airbricks and ventilators.

4. Timber rot.

4. Roof insulation, subject to age and condition.

Doors and Windows

1. Window frames and sashes (but not latches).

2. Internal and external doors, saddles and door frames.

3. Hinges, locks and handles on external doors.

4. Letter boxes.

Plumbing Repairs

1. Cleaning blocked sewers, drains and waste pipes (but Steer Housing Association may recover the cost from the tenant if the blockage is due to misuse).

2. Boilers and hot water cylinders.

3. Pipe work, taps, radiators and fittings.

4. Servicing central heating pumps.

5. Replacement of sinks, baths wash-hand basins and W.C. bowls subject to age and condition.

Heating Systems

1. Servicing solid fuel room heaters and oil-fired boilers.

2. Replacement of heating systems subject to age and condition.

3. Repair of fire surrounds, except fireplace tiles.

Electrical Repairs

1. Electrical wiring.

2. Ceiling roses and lamp holders.

3. Sockets and switches.

4. Lighting in communal areas.

Painting and Redecoration

1. External paintwork as part of a cyclical maintenance programme.

2. Internal paintwork in communal areas.

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