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Rent Arrears

What happens if I don’t pay my rent?

If you have difficulty paying your rent you should contact your Housing Officer as soon as possible. It is better that the problem is recognised early so that assistance can be given and to prevent you from getting further into debt. We understand that tenants have other debts and may owe money to others but ultimately if you don’t pay your rent you are in breach of your Tenancy Agreement and you could lose your home. We monitor rent payments weekly. If you fall behind with your payments and have made no contact with us we will write to you to inform you of the arrears and ask for payment of the outstanding amount.

Steer Housing Association want to hear from you if you are struggling to pay your rent. We will endeavour to reach a repayment agreement with you. Your Housing Officer will also offer advice on how to manage your debt or refer you to The Money, Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS). If you continue to accrue arrears, break a previous arrangement with us or make no effort to communicate with us a home visit will be made. If the situation does not improve, we will have no choice but to issue you a “Notice to Quit”. This is a legal document and is the first stage in the process of Steer Housing Association taking possession of your property.

If you are struggling to keep up with your rent payments, contact your Housing Officer immediately on 074 91 77311 / 074 91 77756.

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Fiona Slevin
Mountmellick, Co. Laois

“I was living in a one bed grotty apartment, my health was deteriorating but thanks to Steer, I am now living in a very good apartment and neighbourhood. They helped me out of a very dark place & I am very lucky and grateful for that. Things are not always easy but they always listen on the phone when I am struggling to pay my rent. I can always talk with them and come to an arrangement to pay so much off every week. This has helped me in the past and I have now learnt to budget and pay my bills on time.”

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